Just found this draft: I forgot to post it in January. *FacePalm*


Catching up

I haven’t kept up with this like I had hoped to.  As with all things, a certain amount of practice is necessary to make it a habit. Since my last post I have successfully been on Santos’s back twice, we went to a “Jumping Show” ( I like to call it an “Activity”), and I survived the holidays. Lets just take a closer look at the fun, shall we?


Santos goes on An Adventure and then gets backed

In November- has it really been that long?- we took Santos to An Activity. It is actually a schooling show series that happens ’round these parts every winter.  We asked for permission to do the ground pole class in hand.  Of course we had to have the right outfit.

Santos wearing the “Petrol Outfit” and looking Debonaire AF.

I know.  It is hard to be as good looking as Santos.  And my outfit was pretty much on point, too.

Not only were out outfits perfect, but I actually RAN for the first time in like 5 years!  Better living through chemistry, that’s what I always say!!!


Look at us running and jumping!!!

As if running and jumping weren’t enough, the next day our good friend SB came over and I climbed aboard Santos.  He was suitably unimpressed.

Too busy hating his bridle to notice a PERSON ON HIS BACK!                                           Ps. Sorry about the non matching halter fail

To be clear, non of us expected any trouble from Santos. I had already put all my weight over his back several times and he had been wearing his saddle like a champ for a few months. He walked nicely around while SB led him and I did my best not to fall of from excitement/ptsd fear from the last horse I had.  This is where I would put a video of the magic, but as it happens, I am too cheap to have an upgraded blog site. Alas.

Survival of the Holidays

The holidays came and went.  We celebrated in a rather unspectacular fashion this year, and did absolutely nothing. My Christmas fail was so complete that I didn’t even get media of Santos getting his present- and he was the only one to get a gift from me this year.

It isn’t that I don’t like the holidays, because I do. It was just that somehow they snuck up on me and were over before I was ready for them.

We had a white Christmas, so that was nice and I was well enough to walk over to see Santos. I managed to get some scenery pictures.



Why in the fuck are they off center?  Pretty though, so there you go.

-Until next time.

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