Trying to beat the heat

Greetings from Stinking’ Hot Boise

It is hot AF ’round these parts.  I wake up early, try to do a few things before it gets to like 27 gazillion degrees, then take a nap hide in my house for the hottest hours of the day.  Santos is in kindergarten now, and class ends up being around 7:30pm, just as it is starting to cool own.  Let me be clear: Cool right now is 70°F and that is at 4:00am.  It is pretty awful. Luckily for me, the heat doesn’t seem to really effect my condition, now that I am used to it. That doesn’t mean I like it, however.

Gratuitous Pony picture.  If you look closely, you will see he is losing his baby teeth. (I really, really, really need to clean my boots. Ugh.)

Because it is so damn hot, I haven’t really been doing as much outside with Santos as I’d like, and am using that inside time to declutter my house.  I started with my clothes. Then the bathroom, and currently I’m working on my desk space. It keeps me out of trouble when my body and brain are sub-functional.  As you can imagine, my cats are delighted that I am around so much these days.

Dunno what I’d do with out The Tiger’s help. He is excellent at folding clothes, and even better at making beds.

My cat obsession is fodder for another post. I’ll just apologize in advance for making you look at their cuteness.

Until next time. Stay cool. Stay hydrated.


2 thoughts on “Trying to beat the heat”

  1. It has been a hot summer in a lot of places. Riding clothes, breeches and tall boots are just not the best for intense heat. But at least they now make shirts that let the heat evaporate off our sweating bodies.


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