Because words are so powerful, I like to have a daily affirmation. 

Hello My Beauties!

I have been thinking a lot about the power of words these days. My condition has taken a turn for the worse, and my legs are not working all that well right now.  I could very well wallow in my misfortune, but I would rather not.  Some mornings it is hard to even human, so I use positive affirmations to get me through the day. I work to be diligent about what words I use, and think to describe my self, and my life. I may joke about being a cripple, but the reality is that I see myself not as crippled, but rather as a person with a particular set of challenges, and we all have challenges.

When I take The Debonaire Mare  to the horse shows, I have a very strict rule in my booth: No Negative Self Talk.  I do my best to make that a rule for my entire life, and I hope you will make it a rule for your life, too.  Remember, words have power.

Because words are so powerful, I like to have a daily affirmation.  If you are having trouble coming up with something positive, something as simple as “Yes I Can” will help carry you through the day.  Try saying the following affirmation a few times today:


YES I CAN be strong

YES I CAN be brave

YES I CAN keep dreaming and making my dreams a reality.


YES I CAN! First ride for Santos and me with a bridle.  Thank you Sprinkler Bandit for the photos and for babysitting us. Now I wish I had put the navy polos and bells on him. Sigh.